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the ability to bounce back when faced with stress or pressure Why are resilient people happier? Some people in life show exceptional resilience. They have the strength and passion to go on, even in the face of tragedy. Below are habits of extremely resilient people. To start increasing your own resilience, and happiness, choose one habit to start practicing and then add more habits as you go.

GET THE SUPPORT YOU NEED. People with exceptional resilience typically have a big safety net—any loved ones and friends to turn to when times get tough. Having others who accept you for who you are and who are there for you during good and bad times strengthens your resilience. Don’t have a social net? Get out there and join a group, club, or team—start connecting and making friends.

REALIZE IT’S JUST PART OF LIFE. Resilience comes with knowing that life isn’t perfect and that, yes, there will be drama and trauma in your life at one time or another. Your ability to view a tragedy as an isolated event instead of what your future has in store for you is what

will set you up for success and greater resilience in the future.

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