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Heidi is an amazing coach. She is very supportive, a great listener and so intuitive. She coached me during Covid and I often arrived frazzled and tired but whenever I finished the session with Heidi I felt grounded and focused again. It was a truly transformational coaching journey with Heidi. Thank you!

Katrin C. June 2020 UK

I found that I needed to be pushed to do something about achieving some goals. Since I started with Heidi, I have been eating better, and I'm forcing myself to find time to write my book. Heidi has been very effective in getting me to not only articulate my goals, but do something about achieving them. As an external forcing function, Heidi has been effective in my getting my life back in focus; there were things I wanted to accomplish, but I didn't even know how to express them. Heidi helped me to see over several sessions which things I was working on were important, and which ones were time sinks. I have been very pleased with what we have accomplished, I highly recommend her to others that want to reach their goals in life.

Sam A. London, UK Feb. 2020


I started working with Heidi because my friend told me how fantastic she was. After chatting with her for 30 minutes I was sold. Heidi is thoughtful, experienced and has the ability to see in others what they may not see in themselves. What makes her such an amazing coach is that she listens and supports me. Heidi is my bright spot and I love our time together. 

Sara J. Sept. 2019

Heidi brings an enthusiasm and energy to the coaching session that can shake off any doldrums from the day. She is very 'present' during the sessions and manages the time well to ensure we cover what it is most important during each session. The online booking system was very convenient and I really appreciated the auto reminders.

Linda V. June 2019

Heidi was amazing and I got to see the value of having a coach on my journey into a management change. She really helped me through a difficult transition and supported me 100% along the way. I sincerely recommend Heidi as a coach.

Lisa A. Feb.  2019

Heidi kept telling me that she can see I'm right on the cusp of massive success, until I had no other option but to believe it. I've noticed an almost immediate shift in my business. Heidi is a warm, compassionate coach who will gently challenge you to push through your self limitations. She's highly intuitive and a wonderful champion for her clients. I loved working with her!

Laura H. Jan 2019

I have had a few coaches over the years but non were like Heidi. She was tough. Asked me questions that made me question myself and what I believed. I learned so much and was able to make changes that brought me deep satisfaction. Heidi gave me tools that have advanced my career faster than I thought possible. I am so thankful that she was there for me. She helped me step through my fear and be me. 

Brenda B. October 2018

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