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I am an ICF certified business coach with 15 years of experience in training and leadership development.  

Over the years I have seen a radical shift in how successful managers lead and motivate their teams. I have watched as the new workforce entered the market and challenged company values and the ideology of work-life balance. I have helped managers sharpen their focus on connection and learn how to motivate these superstars, reduce turnover and increase work-life balance for all.


Happiness, fulfillment, true passion, is not a pipe dream. I have experienced this shift first hand and with my clients. I have witnessed the evolution and the joy that comes from increased awareness and changed  thinking. This is why I coach. Why I partner with those that want to further develop their skills as a leader either personally or professionally. 

 I coach, train, and speak to individuals and organizations because it is MY PASSION. Are you ready to find yours?


Let’s create something awesome together!


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